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Jiuding group president Huang Xiaojie visited our company
Release time:2016-12-29 10:51 Source:ybcadmin Read:
In September 2016, superxon Feng Yuan chairman and vice chairman Zhang Chao in software park and dominant group President Huang Xiaojie, extensional superxon optical communication business development strategy, acquisition, matters such as employee equity incentive held talks.
During the talks, Feng Yuan chairman of dominant group Huang Xiaojie first welcomed the President a line to superxon inspection work, thank you for keeping the group on superxon service support. Brief introduced the superxon equity distribution, industry development trends, product planning and operating results of the current year. Von chairman, said the next few years is exploding in the development of optical communication industry, superxon will grab the industry development opportunities, bigger and stronger access network business, and hope to take advantage of the dominant group capital integration, common satellite for some high quality upstream and downstream enterprise resources integration, realize the integration of the hybrid industrial and capital development. Feng again, chairman of talents is the core of the development of the enterprise resources, superxon employee equity incentive to implement greatly, and so did the staff's work enthusiasm, and hope staff incentives continue, attract more high-quality talent to join superxon.
Zhang Chao vice chairman of industry growth situation, has carried on the brief introduction of product innovation. Zhang Chao vice chairman, said the company in 10 g product has achieved excellent results, further enhanced the confidence of the company's r&d, the company research and development team in 2016, the company research and development capabilities to realize the qualitative over, except in the access network scale production, the company products in wireless networks, speed and layout. Major projects in development is progressing at the same time, the high-speed development has the confidence of the chronological for superxon future.
Finally, Huang Xiaojie President of superxon expressed congratulations, obtained the excellent result of this year to Feng Yuan chairman, vice chairman of the board of directors, general manager Zhang Xianfeng,Zhang Chao and superxon thank all the staff work excellence. And said it is supported by the dominant group superxon business development, management staff incentive scheme approved, hope will dominant group purchase operation ability grafted onto superxon denotation acquisition, expanding areas of cooperation between the two sides.

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